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  • Anthony Ravlich
    commented 2017-10-28 10:07:19 +1300
    Money can blind people to the Truth. Recently I tweeted: “I strongly believe I found the truth (see my book, Anthony Ravlich Google+) but virtually all regard the truth as irrelevant because money is their god”. I discovered what was happening behind what I call the global iron curtain more by accident than design. The global iron curtain hides the momentous decisions of the UN on 10 Dec 2008. In my view, the major truths involve power and ideology which are beyond the ability of nearly all ordinary people to understand however they may understand the following and the Opportunities Party could make good use of this information. I don’t expect a reply from Gareth Morgan because I have been persona non grata in this country since almost 1991.

    I sent the following to the New Zealand Business Round Table, now called the NZ Initiative. I think this was a major reason why there were such extraordinary efforts to hide the truth:

    Dear Chief Executive,

    I am a human rights author, activist (26 yrs). Limiting the discussion to what is relevant to you – in my research I found that the UN permitted exploitation by omission under

    international law on 10 Dec 2008 which would have allowed Corporations to relocate to countries with the cheapest labor without fear of exploitation being prohibited. In my view,

    the latter would have been the real reason for the global financial crisis 2008. But there was a media blackout and people were not informed. In my book (see Anthony Ravlich

    Google+) I recommend that the West boycott the UN because the latter’s actions on the 10 Dec 2008 involve major violations of the Universal Declaration and the UN Charter.

    Given that, in my view,the truth is now known – and in time known to many – the Corporations may well wish to reconsider relocating to countries with the cheapest labor.


    Anthony Ravlich


    Human Rights Council (New Zealand)

    10D/15 City Rd.

    Auckland City.

    Ph: (0064) (09) 940.9658

    PS. I should add that in my view exploitation permitted by omission under international human rights law portends a global slave economy.
  • Paul McDougall
    commented 2017-10-09 07:40:16 +1300
    Hi Gareth, I just wanted to let you know that your Tops policys were pretty bloody good and that I think if we weren’t so scared of National getting another term more people would have voted for you. I have voted Green all my life but after their bumpy campaign I voted Labour out of fear they might not reach the 5%. Please continue the good work you do with shaking things up.
  • Chris King
    commented 2017-10-08 14:15:51 +1300
    Hi Gareth,

    I just wanted to let you know that I thought the passion that was so obvious in your concession speech on election night was great to see. I too was totally gutted by my fellow New Zealanders’ commitment to self interest as displayed by the results.

    Please stick around in politics. We need vision for change.


    Chris King
  • Anthony Ravlich
    commented 2017-09-26 04:39:32 +1300
    Dear Gareth Morgan,

    I consider it is all about the crushing of potential so the Opportunities Party was aptly named. I thought you might be interested in the Ebook re my book ‘Ethical Human Rights: Freedom’s Great Hope’ which exposes the gross human rights malpractice in New Zealand (I hold Sir Geoffrey Palmer and Helen Clark to account), Bangladesh and the United Nations.

    an ebook is now available:

    Please kindly click the E-book Link:

    In my view, New Zealand is a very timid society so I am not expecting a review of my book in the mainstream media which did not review my first book. In my (esoteric) view, New Zealand is afflicted by a demonic force (e.g. an overwhelming negativity which crushes potential) reflecting the creation of an ‘evil’ neoliberal absolutism, a draconian top-down control (I consider in preparation for a one world government) at the United Nations on 10 Dec 2008 which is described in my book.

    The Auckland University Law Library, Auckland University Library, and the New Zealand Library have ignored my requests to hold a copy of my book whereas they do have a copy of my first book, ‘Freedom from our social prisons: the rise of economic, social and cultural rights’ (Lexington Books, 2008). I do consider my present book signals the beginning of the end of the left so-called liberals who I regard as a social class i.e. collectivists, an aberration, very different from the preceding liberals.

    My job was to find the truth and I believe I did – the problem stems from human rights omissions at the United Nations (led to neoliberalism, and much worse hidden, and a divided society) and the answer is ethical human rights (leading to ethical development and ethical globalization) which is firmly based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and I consider should be adopted in domestic and international human rights law.

    It seems it was only possible for an outsider to find the truth and inform people. Also, in my view, it could only be a male although I think God could arrange the situation otherwise.I found the major discrimination was towards intelligent, white, males from a western culture.

    for your interest – my latest posts on social media:

    Eradicating Genius from the Face of the Earth and, in my personal view, also God’s involvement: my recent Tweet states: What it is really all about is ridding the country of its THINKERS hidden in the ranks of the deplorables – the left so-called liberals are following a UN agenda.

    At the UN international human rights law is meant to reflect the Universal Declaration of Human Rights so countries can adopt it into their domestic law. One of the omissions is Article 22 (UDHR) states: ‘Everyone as a members of society….is entitled to realization…of the economic, social and cultural rights indispensable for his dignity and free development of his personality’ (the latter is also called individual self-determination).

    As a consequence States invariably omit individual self-determination from their constitutions (see Google Constitute). Individual self-determination can be more simply described as the seeking of truth, hopes and dreams sometimes depicted by the iconic American superhero. Domestically the UN’s agenda is driven by the left so-called liberals. Countries may promote individual self-determination as policy but all else such as the focus on the Corporations and low consumer demand because of low wages ensures success is extremely limited. The American Small Business League describes how mega billions in contacts have been take from small business and given to big business.

    Affirmative action for groups such as Maori and Women was a way of excluding the ‘best and the brightest’ and my book shows an enormous number left the country while many of those who remained ended up in the mental health and criminal justice systems or among the underclass.

    I consider myself a genius but I attribute this to God’s involvement in my seeking of truth – otherwise I think I am quite ordinary (in my view, God’s Universal Truth is the greatest genius of all). I have been in the ranks of the deplorables for over 26 years. The problem with geniuses is that they are able to see through the low cunning and gross deceit of the left so-called liberals as well the leaderships of totalitarian and repressive States who, I consider, exercise the greatest control in the UN General Assembly (for more see Anthony Ravlich Google+).

    What I consider is the MADNESS of Global Leadership at the United Nations.In my view, the ‘Eradication of Genius from the Face of the Earth’ described in a recent post is an act of MADNESS. We are a LONELY PLANET so extremely unlikely to get help when needed from elsewhere in the universe – we can really only get help from withi

    I am circulating the following to academics:
    If South Korea and Japan also have nuclear weapons it would give North Korea and China more to worry about than America. Also if the West boycotted the UN until it removed its hidden collectivist agenda it would, in my view, rebalance global ideological and economic power back in the favor of the West and global freedom (see below).

    I wish to inform you of my book – ‘Ethical Human Rights-Freedom’s Great Hope’ (American Academic Press, 2017). I am a human rights author, activist and outsider (deplorable) (26 years) from Auckland, New Zealand. I am a seeker of human rights truth. I am also a Roosevelt fan. I consider students would benefit from my book which suits a Donald Trump/Bernie Sanders world where the ‘deplorables’ play a greater role in the public domain.

    Both my books describe ethical human rights. My first book was ‘Freedom from our social prisons: the rise of economic, social and cultural rights’ (Lexington Books, 2008). My recent book, ‘Ethical Human Rights: Freedom’s Great Hope’, can be found on American Academic Press,

    Ethical human rights received some remarkable high profile support on the internet, for example, the US State Dept., the Open Democracy Initiative of the White House even the United Nations and many others but the global mainstream media has refused to report it.

    I am very surprised at the seeming refusal of the global establishment to discuss ethical human rights which is firmly based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

    Ethical human rights involve domestic and global duties with the prime duty of the State to ensure their own population has their ethical human rights i.e. involves greater national sovereignty but does not lead to isolation.

    Given the trend towards populism in the West and the nuclear threat (and possible proliferation e.g. S. Korea and Japan), indicates the necessity for greater national sovereignty and universal truth to replace neoliberalism (a corrupted universal truth leading to division) and globalization.

    My book would also provide students with the prevailing global human rights big picture as vital human rights truths have been kept hidden from people yet need to be known if a democracy is to have informed voters. The book also describes in detail the human rights malpractice of the so-called liberal left whose control is, in my view, overwhelming.

    Compared to Western academics I was rare because I have exercised a duty to inform people of important human rights truths since I adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as my belief system in 1991. Personally, I see the UDHR as reflective of God’s Universal Truth.

    I am barely known in New Zealand because I have been kept extremely professionally isolated and often in terrible poverty however in my early years I received much support from Noam Chomsky (about 25 emails) and in New Zealand I have had significant support from Bryan Gould, regarded as one of New Zealand’s top intellectuals, and Kevin McCormack, Secretary New Zealand Council for Civil Liberties ( given much of my work was done in extreme isolation I do not believe I could have done it without God who, in my view, the so-called liberal left cannot control).

    Kevin McCormack states in response to this email: “I do hope that you receive a positive response to your e-mail, and that there are in fact numerous responses. It is a challenging and difficult road to journey when you are proclaiming a prophetic message, as it often seems to fall on barren ground. I am pleased to endorse your message…..”.

    The book has chapters on human rights at the United Nations (including America’s involvement), New Zealand and Bangladesh as well as a chapter on a new plan for the world, ethical human rights, development and globalization. The latter is firmly based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights unlike prevailing ideology which contains human rights omissions leading to a divided society.

    Although hidden behind a ‘global iron curtain’ I describe how on 10 Dec 2008 at the UN a new globally dominant ideology, which I call neoliberal absolutism, was created. The effects of neoliberal absolutism, which was strongly opposed by America, was devastating including a major global rebalance of ideological and economic power from the West to the Rest which I believe was the real cause of the global financial crisis in 2008. To my knowledge I am the only one informing people of the latter [however it is in my book and is verifiable].

    I also describe the existence of a UN ‘hidden’ collectivist agenda which created ideologies i.e. neoliberalism and neoliberal absolutism. Domestically the UN’s agenda is driven by the left so-called liberals. The collectivists agenda strongly favors totalitarian States, with repressive States rising to virtually control the UN’s human rights agenda, as well as strongly favoring collectives within the country.

    The collectivist agenda aims to culturally cleanse the world of individual self-determination i.e. the seeking of truth, hopes and dreams often depicted by the iconic American superhero.The West has been determined for decline. I recommend that the West boycott the UN until the collectivist agenda is removed. I consider the collectivist agenda involves major violations of the UDHR and the UN Charter. The major discrimination targets Intelligent, white, males from a Western culture.

    I describe in the chapter on Bangladesh how, under neoliberal absolutism, extending the domain of secularism to cover the whole Universal Declaration ultimately led to major outburst of violence by Islamic extremists who were anti-secular. More research is required to see if neoliberal absolutism led to greater Islamic violence globally.I also provide what I see as a solution whereby religious political parties including Islamic political parties could play a greater role in the public domain if they adopted ethical human rights as their ethical base.

    If you are interested in reading the draft introduction it is near the beginning of Anthony Ravlich Google+.

    thank you,

    Anthony Ravlich MA, BSc, Dip Crim (Hons)


    Human Rights Council (New Zealand)

    10D/15 City Rd.

    Auckland City.

    Ph: (0064) (09) 940.9658
  • Trev Rev
    commented 2017-09-24 14:58:56 +1300
    Hi Mr Morgan.Its not all bad.There’s options for you.
  • Fuck you Cunt
    commented 2017-09-22 15:04:46 +1200
    Fuck you, you ignorant cat killing cunt
  • Susan Rebergen
    commented 2017-09-22 09:46:27 +1200
    Hi Gareth

    I’m sitting in Dunedin Public Hospital theatre tearoom; there are 5 staff having a coffeee break. 4 of them are voting TOP!
  • Vin Allen
    commented 2017-09-20 22:23:11 +1200
    Hi Gareth, I’ve done my home work for voting and would really like to vote for your party but I cant agree with your pollicy of allowing more refugees into NZ. Were all saddened with the plight of people being persecuted by their own people. But past events have shown that not all of them are happy with life in a western lifestyle unfortunately it seems to be the younger generation that seem to be disillusioned. Can you tell me how the refugees would be chosen?
  • me me
    commented 2017-09-20 16:39:17 +1200
    Nope, we’re not “taht thick”. Which is why we are not voting for some arrogant got some money off son and now thinks he knows the best way to live twat.
  • Geoff Harman
    commented 2017-09-20 16:00:14 +1200
    Time you went back to the bus
  • Ron Ashman
    commented 2017-09-13 22:56:53 +1200
    Hi Gareth

    I used to think that you were a man of integrity. But after your viscious attack on Winston today it is a shock to me to realise what a fool I have been. Do you have enough substance to even make a shadow?

    What a cheap shot.
  • Brenda Kelly-Taylor
    commented 2017-09-06 14:44:21 +1200

    Kia Ora Gareth,

    As policy can you please focus on making all contraception free for all men and women regardless of income, gender or race. From IUD’s to Vacetomies. Currently long term contraception is unaffordable for all.

    Lets promote contraception on the back of all toilet doors in the malls, on tv, in magazines, news paper and Facebook.

    This will be the answer to reducing child poverty. I guarantee you!

    Lets not get stuck debating abortion as it is such a polarising issue and we have so many more progressive family planning options.

    Ka pai,

  • Russell Child
    commented 2017-09-06 13:50:39 +1200
    Some of your ideas are worth looking at! Unfortunately your over the top behaviour with regard to cats is a big turn off. How can I take anything you say as good intention when you come across as a cat murderer! Tell me how much money did you give your daughter when you became rich? My guess, fuck all!
  • Simon Hughes
    commented 2017-09-06 09:38:10 +1200
    $1 a gram 4 tobacco.u will get more votes than Winnie
  • Lucy McDougall
    commented 2017-08-29 16:59:49 +1200
    Hi Gareth I am a solo Mother on a benefit (through no fault of my own as my husband left me,and I have not been able to secure recent employment in my profession due to circumstances beyond my control) and I own my own home. I was wondering if you have given thought on how your capital gains tax ( is it 1.5% of the family home’s value?) will affect people like me that have very little money, but own the family home? My concern is that your policy would force vulnerable people like myself out of their own home, as on my calculations I would be paying more than the rates on that alone, and I can hardly afford them. It will affect others in my demographic, as well as a lot of retirees. Please shed some light on this matter. Thank you.
  • Paul Carter
    commented 2017-08-28 13:48:20 +1200
    Plastic Bags

    If i hear one more person banging on about plastic bags I think I will throw up!!

    I never realised that plastic bags had enough inteligence to choose between going into a recycle bin and onto the ground. If so they are clearly smarter than the people wanting to put a tax on them
  • Bob Bragger
    commented 2017-08-27 13:39:17 +1200
    At your public meeting you explained that you would introduce a 1.5% on all homes owned and lived in by those over 65years as they were living rent free. Those whose cash flow could not pay this tax a mortgage with IRD would be established and that mortgage would be paid upon the sale of the house. NO WHERE IN YOUR POLICY STAYEMENTS IS THIS EXPRESSED!!!!! This is very dishonest of you!


  • Joanna Curtis
    commented 2017-08-17 12:54:17 +1200
    Hi Gareth, I am asking you for some advice I desperately need. I met you in the Mount one evening and straight away I knew you were a compassionate man. I am currently trying to financially settle with my alcoholic husband who kicked me out of our family farm earlier this year as I refused to smoke dope with him. I am bringing up our three teenagers on my own amd have been since Feb of this year. For the last twenty years I have helped develop many poroperties with my husband, both commercial amd residential. We have a substantial portfolio together but since February I have had to survive on $500 each week as this is all he has paid me. I have run out of money amd am having to apply for a personal loan to make ends meet until he decides to be decent enough to pay me out. He refuses to acknowledge lawyers contacting him amd there is no urgency for him to act. He is worth in excess of $10 million and knows how desperate I am. I can’t even get a job as my qualifications don’t meet any requirements these days as I’ve always worked alongside him. It’s an awful predicament to be in I can’t even afford NCEA fees as I’m paying for everything on my small amount each week. I’m contacting you Gareth as I know you’re a wonderful, kind man who loves caring about the small people. Do you have any advice for me as I feel very isolated amd desperate. This man has completely thrown away his responsibilities as a husband and father. He is now known to police in our local farming area but still seems to get away with horrific behaviour. He admires you as a businessman and philanthropist as do I, but I know if you knew how he was behaving I know your morals amd principals would certainly be ashamed of him failing his duty. I ask that you advise me on what to do. I’m 46 years old, broke, raising these heart broken children all alone and I’m underqualified for any position on Trade me . If I were to settle quickly my lawyer estimates my worth to be $3 million which is an amazing amount of money to go forward with, but he won’t action it and I’m in a desperate position until then. Please Gareth let me know any advise that might assist me in raising these kids of ours so they don’t suffer as he’s wanting.

    I appreciate your time

    Kindest regards Joanna Curtis
  • Chrissy Paul
    commented 2017-08-16 12:01:27 +1200
    We are promoting voting on the fence at our community centre. Could you please place a billboard on our fence at 42 Pembroke st Highbury Palmerston North
  • Simon Lynn
    commented 2017-08-14 09:28:44 +1200
    The Kennedy Graham issue.

    The Green Party has lost its way and appears more concerned with social issues than Green ones . This creates an opportunity for TOP.

    This Beneficiary Party ( the Greens ) have lost my vote and no doubt many others.

    I urge you Garth, to bring Kennedy Graham into the TOP party so I can have confidence in voting for a party that puts REAL Green issues first.

    I have also written to Kennedy Graham asking him to consider this move .


    Simon Lynn

    0274 832463 .
  • Kevin Moran
    commented 2017-08-11 09:55:32 +1200
    Great work Gareth. Big problems require big bold and sometimes unpopular solutions. Hopefully enough of us realize this to get you to 5%.
  • Jono Bannan
    commented 2017-07-08 03:53:50 +1200
    Pure evidence here. Just read this, before you delete it. You will never get 5% with your current strategy.

    You’re too intoxicated in your own bubble to notice obvious points.

    Here is the really fucken obvious one. From your own research, most voters have made up their mind already…. you are aiming for 6% and “of course” you try and expand it.

    Well shit dude, 59% of households own a cat or a dog. So, there ya go. Almost 60% gone already. So in reality, you are trying to get 2.5%-3% of the vote.

    You have 1% in the latest polls. Congrats.

    I can get you to 5% if you listen to me. But you won’t. Whatever….

    If you want over 5%, visit me at 1/61 Sherborne Street, CHCH

    $100 per hour, 40 hour week, minimum 6 month contract.

    Take it or leave it, you’re fucked without me.

  • Helen Wineera
    commented 2017-06-17 15:20:42 +1200
  • Alice Chang
    commented 2017-06-13 13:07:15 +1200
    Voluntary donations for purchasing minivans for LongBay College, Long Bay. Still needed top up donations towards this charity for its students.Short of $37,000 . Any amount is greatly appreciated. On behalf of my son ,Ammandeep Manhaas Year 13 student .voluntary donation application. Thanking you.
  • Julie Cossar
    commented 2017-06-11 20:06:04 +1200
    Therapy Cats … We have a number of cats going to children with disabilities – mostly autism. Bearing this in mind we are putting in place a programme for training cats to meet the needs of a range of people with disabilities or in need of a companion cat. Based on the number of cat owners in New Zealand and your historical “anti-feline” approach we wonder is you would be interested in helping us achieve this goal.
  • Lucy Gerven
    commented 2017-05-28 12:33:50 +1200
    Hi again, I just have a hypothetic question, If I am developing a eco-friendly housing development would you be interested (theoretically) in investing in the property if we have a clause that says owners are not allowed to own cats? I would very much appreciate a speedy reply but I know how busy you must be. Thank you for your time and thought.
  • Victoria Davis
    commented 2017-05-19 08:36:31 +1200
    Thank you for your intelligent and compassionate stand on cannabis . Recognizing the harms caused by prohibtion is yet to occur in the tiny branis of some politicians. Please consider that 6 plants is a more realistic proposal. Keep up the good work!
  • Fiona Edwards
    commented 2017-05-11 09:21:45 +1200
    Hi Gareth

    We have been members of your Kiwi Saver investment fund since its inception and we want to ensure our funds are not invested in fossil fuels, tobacco, armaments and pornography. We understand Kiwibank Kiwisaver does invest in fossil fuel companies and we’d like to know if you will be divesting from these companies in the near future or offering an alternative Socially Responsible fund for investors?
  • Shannon Silva
    commented 2017-05-10 11:02:37 +1200
    Hi Gareth, I have listed my PS4 on trade me. I am not able to edit the pricing, your team keeps stating that they need proof of goods. I have sent an e mail to Marshall with a photo. In spite of this i am still unable to edit the pricing and the auction closeses on Friday. The frustrating part is there are a lot of views and there is one watcher but i am not able to see who is even interested in purchasing this item. I have used trade me before and had no such issues. If this issue persists i will inform everyone, and an article to NZ Herald will be the next step. After all i have topped up my account with $10.00. Thanks. Shannon Silva
  • John Young
    commented 2017-05-05 17:21:39 +1200
    Gareth, have you done any work on the hidden economy, the drug economy in NZ. What is being spent and earnt off P- who is getting the funds, Whatis the effect on poverty. Just interested as my neighbours from a low social / economic region in the NI tell me that all their friends, all are addicted to p- I am involved in an industry where we cant get NZ workers. 85% are foreign working on short term visas. Ditto the building industry, dairy industry

    I don’t have an opinion about drug culture- but wonder why we are not reporting it in stats when we talk about low productivity,unemployment,knowledge and skills economy etc etc

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