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  • Jacobus Hugo
    commented 2018-10-15 05:47:01 +1300
    Dear Gareth. In view of China offering to built our roads for us, why do we not start a company where NZ citizens can buy shares in a road and thus fund it. The road can be tolled and we can then even get a return on our money. I refer you to a company called Harmoney in which I loan out money in $25 lots and is very happy with the results.
  • Allan Halse
    commented 2018-09-28 09:12:26 +1200
    Hi Gareth.

    NZ’s 400,000 bullied workers need your help.

    I am the Director of CultureSafe NZ Ltd, NZ’s leading (and only) anti workplace bullying organisation. I work 100 hours per week for approx $5 per hour but my small team of 4 save lives and annually help more than 200 bullied workers across NZ who have suffered serious financial, emotional, psychological and physiological harm.

    I saw you speak at the Clarence Street theatre in Hamilton during the Election Campaign and was impressed with your level of understanding of NZ’s social discord with high incidents of sexual abuse (1 in 3 girls and 1 in 6 boys by age 16), 2nd in the developed world for schoolyard and workplace bullying, a mental health crisis and record suicide rates.

    My organisation is running an anti workplace bullying/sexual harassment “CultureShift 2018” conference at Te Papa museum, Wellington on 24/25 October and we urgently need a major sponsor. Will you please help?

    Ngi Mihi

  • Jed Town
    commented 2018-08-20 09:48:40 +1200
    Hi Gareth, I am trying to raise awareness about the 1080 situation and DoC. I have a good friend who worked for DoC back in the 80’s and is very experienced with bush life and trapping possums and ridding the bush of pests. He and I have talked many hours about this ongoing problem with the aerial dropping and the need for a outside regulator to manage the whole affair better. Yesterday Bruce my bushman friend suggest I call you and have a brief talk to you. Would you be at all interested? Bruce is a poet and a wood carver , I am a musician and wrote most of the music for the 100% Pure campaign in 2008, inside the rugby world cup Dome installation, the rugby ball compressed air thing. Keep up the good work and All the best, Jed town.
  • Liz Gilmore
    commented 2018-08-14 20:20:08 +1200
  • Will Trafford
    commented 2018-07-09 17:28:48 +1200
    Gareth. I know you’ve given up, but I won’t.

    Can you give me the Facebook pages, and social in general and let me rebrand the party? I’ll contest an easy electorate and try and drag the party through next time.

    Winston will be over or dead, and we can get voters from there. We can still do stuff with Sue Kedgley on food labelling.

    Please mate. Don’t give up.

  • Esther Sassenburg
    commented 2018-06-18 22:11:46 +1200
    I have watched the War on Waste series from the BBC and the Australian version, and would love to see a New Zealand version of it too. I think you would be the perfect person to run such a programme. Are you interested?
  • Francis Elworthy
    commented 2018-06-12 13:01:25 +1200
    There is a cat at my house and I want to kill it.
  • Lisa Ling
    commented 2018-03-30 09:31:09 +1300
    Hi Gareth,

    I read about you and I just want you to know that I think you are a despicable person. Not only will I keep getting cats but I will now rejoice everytime I see a bird being killed…I hope a cat comes along and kills all of your birds
  • Anthony Ravlich
    commented 2018-03-29 03:49:11 +1300
    BLACKLISTED BOOK: I have strong reason to believe my book, Ethical Human Rights: Freedom’s Great Hope, has been blacklisted in New Zealand. I am expecting confirmation of this from an authoritative source in about 2 months. I will post the latter on social media.

    Ebook link provided by my publishers:

    It has been about one year since publication but still cannot be obtained in libraries.

    Also my recent article, Do Germans really want to align themselves with evil, was mysteriously removed twice from Auckland Indymedia however it can be obtained on Ireland Indymedia and is also available on Anthony Ravlich Google+.

    I consider a major question facing New Zealand is whether it aligns itself with freedom or totalitarianism – where does the Opportunities Party stand on this?
  • maree davis
    commented 2018-03-14 14:39:18 +1300
  • steve barkle
    commented 2018-03-07 16:13:36 +1300
    in response to how you could spend you Govt Super, you could pay the ridiculous audit & testing fees that small dairy operators have to pay to sell their milk & cheese as if they were as large as regular Fonterra suppliers. my wife currently milks 10 goats & sheep & makes brilliant cheese… but would have to pay circa 10k each year to be legal to sell it… better to give informed customers the choice… but MPI like to stuff things up for artisan craftspeople!
  • Anthony Ravlich
    commented 2018-02-14 13:04:21 +1300
    I would really appreciate any ideas (see my article below). I am a Human Rights Author, Activist, Outsider (26yrs) from Auckland, New Zealand. My work shows that States invariably cripple their populations by eliminating creativity which requires a domain of freedom. In this way leaderships avoid being held to account. The Opportunities Party should be very interested in this but such is the power of ideology it seems to be just accepted as a global reality when, in fact, it involves major violations of the Universal Declaration and the UN Charter which is why I recommend the West boycotts the UN until this is rectified. My chapter on New Zealand describes the low cunning and gross deceit of Sir Geoffrey Palmer and Helen Clark in manipulating human rights in the bill of rights to purge the country of many of its best and brightest to ensure few would remain to challenge government policies.

    I am seeking funding and I understand Gareth Morgan is a philanthropist. I wish to research Islamic terrorism in Europe and my publisher wants me to send the full manuscript. My work is about saving western civilization which I consider also means saving global freedom. I am looking for the rare person because while many ordinary people would support me the ‘swamp’ does not and they very largely control the purse strings. Of course why would it matter to the ‘swamp’ if New Zealand ends up like many countries e.g. Africa, with huge gaps between rich and poor.

    Researching Islamic Terrorism in Europe, by Anthony Ravlich,
  • Adam Coe
    commented 2018-02-12 22:17:40 +1300
    Please for the love of God get rid of the useless phoenix Coach. And David Dome .

    They are killing the Phoenix.

    I’ve been to most games over the last 10yrs , I was given free tickets to this weekends game but I don’t know if I can handle watching the shambles going on at the club .

    If you care aboutbout football in nz you should have Ramon Tribulex as coach for next season .

    Phoenix fan but seriously something good needs to be done
  • angela beer
    commented 2018-01-30 09:41:05 +1300
    Hi Gareth

    Firstly thank you and congratulations with what you have done with TOP as well as your other personal, business and philanthropic achievements. Very inspiring.

    I am keen to get involved with TOP and wondered if there was an opportunity to meet with you. If it’s coffee or lunch I’ll be honored and I’ll shout if it’s a quick call I’ll take that.

    So you know a little about me, I have attached a recent article which appeared in Life and Leisure also a very old circa 10 years ago personal website

    Both are very soft fluffy PR pieces and when I read them I cringe a little – actually make that alot but they give you some idea.

    Angela Beer
  • Anthony Ravlich
    commented 2017-12-26 19:35:02 +1300
    Dear Gareth Morgan,

    I understand you have a considerable interest in North Korea (re the cats I believe both humans and animals have a divine right to be here).

    for your information. I am a human rights, author, activist (26yrs) from Auckland, New Zealand, but one of New Zealand’s best kept secrets:

    Posted on Donald Trump twitter: “Invite me to give a talk to UN General Assembly. West boycott of UN until it removes hidden collectivist agenda strongly favoring totalitarianism is better than war and possible slaughter of millions”.

    See my book, Ebook is free, ‘Ethical Human Rights: Freedom’s Great Hope’ (American Academic Press, 2017). Ebook link provided by my publishers:
  • Anthony Ravlich
    commented 2017-12-16 09:09:16 +1300
    Some may be interested in the following which I posted on numerous human rights sites on linkedin. I could say much more however I have found that as money becomes people’s god truth becomes irrelevant so much of what I say seems to fall on deaf ears. Virtually all people are far more concerned about how much money I made from my book rather than whether it has helped humanity. Because of my book New Zealand could be a major force for good in the world but I find it virtually impossible to break through the ‘ME,ME’ barrier that exists among New Zealanders. The post on linkedin is as follows: I am a human rights author, activist, outsider (26yrs) from Auckland, New Zealand and promote ethical human rights. In my view, because I am not captured by neoliberalism I discovered utterly astounding human rights truths behind what I call the UN’s Global Iron Curtain. I predict the collapse of globalization when these hidden truths are fully exposed. My book, although available on Amazon and Google Books, is being suppressed as was my previous book. You may be in a better position than myself to make my research findings known. There is a desperate need for this to happen. The global establishment will neither confirm or deny my research findings. I have been kept in poverty since beginning my search for truth in 1984 (when New Zealand adopted neoliberalism) so I have been extremely limited in what I have been able to do but I firmly believe I found the truth I was looking for and I am sure you will agree because my research findings are all verifiable. I have written quite a lot on Anthony Ravlich Google+

    My book, ‘Ethical Human Rights: Freedom’s Great Hope’ (American Academic Press, 2017). Ebook link provided by my publishers:
  • Mark Nissen
    commented 2017-12-10 15:22:18 +1300
    Judging from the comments below, holding a view that can be construed as anti-cat, has awoken folk who are as vociferous (big word) as Trumpanzees.

    Cats are not little people, or Angels, or pacifists, or vegetarians.

    They are carnivores of the Felidae genus.

    Characteristic features that cats have evolved, support a carnivorous lifestyle, with adaptations for ambush or stalking and short pursuit hunting.

    Over time, much like dogs, cats have been domesticated by humans and the process of selective breeding.

    This has resulted in many and varied form factors, most of which share some characteristics that are desirable to humans.

    The top two features that humans value in cats seem to be:

    1. cuteness and fluffiness when young

    2. the efficient ability to hunt and kill, though not often eat, small animals (rats, mice) and even some larger animals, even fish.

    In an land such as NZ, there are many introduced species, that are seen as pests and real problems for the environment.

    This is because in general, the introduced species causes harm to the endemic species of the land and can result in extinction of said organisms.

    Examples of these are Stoats, Rats, Possums. And then there are the domesticated animals that have become established in the wild and cause harm, dogs, goats, cattle, and cats.

    I am sorry that the Prime Minister’s cat has been killed, but my empathy is not for the cat, it’s for the woman, whose emotional attachment to bubbles or fluffikins is no doubt real and valuable.

    Pets are a well known aid to emotional well being in humans and as such I feel they are a valuable adjunct to the human condition, perhaps if the shooter in the Texas Church shoot ’em up had had a pet, he may not have embarked on his murderous actions.

    However, over the years, I have had pets, and cats have killed many of them.

    Should not my pets be afforded the same rights as Fluffykins?

    M Nissen
  • Adrian Reeve
    commented 2017-11-10 14:16:05 +1300

    I was the Otago Student president immediately after Grant Robertson. He is still a person whom i have contact with. I won the election against his hand picked cronies..and kind of pissed him off. But he respects me.. I was the first ever Economics graduate and the only to be elected to that post. (i promised and delivered an in campus pub 😀) What actually motivated me was going as a fresher to protest against Rimu logging to West Coast and Catlins. I share your dream of repairing the damage of the virgin who was raped (NZ natural world). I’ve been in UK 15 yrs… and am a specialist in Financial approvals for cabinet office projects. Defense. MoD. i have personally designed and delivered all Financial aspects of £3B of procurements in the last 4 or so years. (ie am quite professional.. am an SME on value for money assessments on £400m plus procs

    … a cost estimator) Anyway.. i live and dream NZ…. and wish an informal chat with you about some innovative ideas i have been dwelling on to massively fund NZ conservation (incl killing all wild cats 😀) and huge social infrastructure projects. It will take a political mechanism to get over the 5%. I so admire what you did re last election.. I would be honoured to meet you… and wish to have a chat as an ‘Economist’. I need some feed back if my ideas are barking…. or if I have predicited where post capitalist financial society may evolve to. Im talking about a credible strategy incl transition shock to internally fund massive conservation projects by getting over NZ then global reluctance that circa 20 % or more of National tax burden is simply ‘printed’. ( QE for social purposes) Many other countries would follow. ‘Disruptive Economics’.Yes it would lead to a massive devaluation of nz dollar initially. Untill the tourists keep comming. I think we should buy back lots of lowland areas.. non economic farms.. re plant them. Print the money to do so. Very very disruptive economics…. but surely the innovative protest vote is over 5% in NZ. i think you are uniquely placed to continue and grow what you have done. i want to help… and would be honoured to talk to you in person. Are you in UK some time soon ?
  • Richard McBride
    commented 2017-11-10 07:50:28 +1300
    Good morning Gareth. I just heard on the National Radio an interview with a woman (didn’t hear her name) who has resigned because of your tweet about that damned (ex) cat of our new PM. Wow, that is one strange lady…outraged, she was…! I suspect you are well rid of her, and as for the tweet in question…I have to say that I consider it was very well said. I like cats well enough, but I like birds much more, and the dog I own was originally obtained to rid my garden of cats so that the birds stood a chance.

    Keep up the good work, sir!

    Kind regards, Richard McBride, Nelson
  • Ian Wilderspin
    commented 2017-11-08 20:24:24 +1300
    I like your positions and totally support your views on cats. Stay strong.
  • Derek Smith
    commented 2017-11-08 19:25:32 +1300
    You are a really evil and vile man and I can not wait until you die, hopefully soon in a most painful way ! The world then would be a lot better place.

    Until that glorious party filled day the less heard from you the better. Just because you’re made some money doesn’t mean anyone wants to hear your extreme views. Put a sock in it and shut up.
  • Ursula J Rose
    commented 2017-11-08 19:05:29 +1300
    How miserable to politicise Jacinda’s cat’s death! Just think how much she has had to cope with, counting her grandmother’s. Horrid timing…
  • Cathy Harvey
    commented 2017-11-08 15:12:57 +1300
    Vile wouldn`t be the right words to describe you Gareth. When someone has loss a pet that you could be so inhumane with your thoughts, I pity and feel sorry for you and you actually need severe help with your personality
  • Dr Chris Ohms
    commented 2017-11-08 15:05:34 +1300
    Dear Gareth I am Professor (retired) of Tax, Law and Economics AUT – I hold the degrees BCom LLB LLM PhD in tax and economics. I am researching tax incentives and green or low C02 content power. I am well down the track and I believe syngas converted after ammonia scrubbing can be put in with natural gas. I am drafting an Act to cover this and a wide range of outcomes including child and family energy policy. Solid Energy is still operating and I believe with amending legislation it could continue as a energy company converting southland lignite via a gasification plant. I am looking for seed venture capital to move this project – due to the actions of AUT I have know a WINZ beneficiary on $100 a week.

    Would you be interested in a JV – I would put you on the Solid Board. I need $2 million dollars mainly for field trips both hare and Australia where I am trying to establish the same scheme.

    What might seem odd to you is that following global trends in underwater pipe reticulation (as big as !600 kms) I believe a trans tasman pipe should be laid. In time of war both Australia and NZ would run out of vehicle fuel within a matter of hours – we have three days supply in both countries and this would be requisitioned by each Government within a matter of hours.

    I hope to hear from you.

    Dr Chris Ohms
  • Shaun James
    commented 2017-11-02 11:24:53 +1300
    Hi Sir Gareth , my name is Shaun James , to be blunt Sir and not waste your time , i am hoping you could possibly donate a little towards my Give a little page Aquaponics Naturally Pure , I am hoping to raise $57,000 to go towards me building a 56 m2 solar greenhouse and setting up an Aquaponics system to grow vegetables in my back yard , using fish in a water tank to provide the nutrients for vegetables to grow in long troughs full of water to grow in half the time as in the ground or hydroponically and with NO Sprays or any other chemicals . I have the plans etc for the build already and am really keen to get it up and running , then in the very near future to start selling nice fresh veges with no additives or chemicals . Then after a year or so i could also get into the Business of showing and helping other people around NZ to start a system up for themselves and also move on towards going commercially bigger myself . Aquaponics is a great new food production system and is taking off around the world so i am keen to be a front runner in NZ . Regards Shaun James (oh and I did Vote for you) ,, you legend :-)
  • Anthony Ravlich
    commented 2017-10-28 10:07:19 +1300
    Money can blind people to the Truth. Recently I tweeted: “I strongly believe I found the truth (see my book, Anthony Ravlich Google+) but virtually all regard the truth as irrelevant because money is their god”. I discovered what was happening behind what I call the global iron curtain more by accident than design. The global iron curtain hides the momentous decisions of the UN on 10 Dec 2008. In my view, the major truths involve power and ideology which are beyond the ability of nearly all ordinary people to understand however they may understand the following and the Opportunities Party could make good use of this information. I don’t expect a reply from Gareth Morgan because I have been persona non grata in this country since almost 1991.

    I sent the following to the New Zealand Business Round Table, now called the NZ Initiative. I think this was a major reason why there were such extraordinary efforts to hide the truth:

    Dear Chief Executive,

    I am a human rights author, activist (26 yrs). Limiting the discussion to what is relevant to you – in my research I found that the UN permitted exploitation by omission under

    international law on 10 Dec 2008 which would have allowed Corporations to relocate to countries with the cheapest labor without fear of exploitation being prohibited. In my view,

    the latter would have been the real reason for the global financial crisis 2008. But there was a media blackout and people were not informed. In my book (see Anthony Ravlich

    Google+) I recommend that the West boycott the UN because the latter’s actions on the 10 Dec 2008 involve major violations of the Universal Declaration and the UN Charter.

    Given that, in my view,the truth is now known – and in time known to many – the Corporations may well wish to reconsider relocating to countries with the cheapest labor.


    Anthony Ravlich


    Human Rights Council (New Zealand)

    10D/15 City Rd.

    Auckland City.

    Ph: (0064) (09) 940.9658

    PS. I should add that in my view exploitation permitted by omission under international human rights law portends a global slave economy.
  • Paul McDougall
    commented 2017-10-09 07:40:16 +1300
    Hi Gareth, I just wanted to let you know that your Tops policys were pretty bloody good and that I think if we weren’t so scared of National getting another term more people would have voted for you. I have voted Green all my life but after their bumpy campaign I voted Labour out of fear they might not reach the 5%. Please continue the good work you do with shaking things up.
  • Chris King
    commented 2017-10-08 14:15:51 +1300
    Hi Gareth,

    I just wanted to let you know that I thought the passion that was so obvious in your concession speech on election night was great to see. I too was totally gutted by my fellow New Zealanders’ commitment to self interest as displayed by the results.

    Please stick around in politics. We need vision for change.


    Chris King
  • Anthony Ravlich
    commented 2017-09-26 04:39:32 +1300
    Dear Gareth Morgan,

    I consider it is all about the crushing of potential so the Opportunities Party was aptly named. I thought you might be interested in the Ebook re my book ‘Ethical Human Rights: Freedom’s Great Hope’ which exposes the gross human rights malpractice in New Zealand (I hold Sir Geoffrey Palmer and Helen Clark to account), Bangladesh and the United Nations.

    an ebook is now available:

    Please kindly click the E-book Link:

    In my view, New Zealand is a very timid society so I am not expecting a review of my book in the mainstream media which did not review my first book. In my (esoteric) view, New Zealand is afflicted by a demonic force (e.g. an overwhelming negativity which crushes potential) reflecting the creation of an ‘evil’ neoliberal absolutism, a draconian top-down control (I consider in preparation for a one world government) at the United Nations on 10 Dec 2008 which is described in my book.

    The Auckland University Law Library, Auckland University Library, and the New Zealand Library have ignored my requests to hold a copy of my book whereas they do have a copy of my first book, ‘Freedom from our social prisons: the rise of economic, social and cultural rights’ (Lexington Books, 2008). I do consider my present book signals the beginning of the end of the left so-called liberals who I regard as a social class i.e. collectivists, an aberration, very different from the preceding liberals.

    My job was to find the truth and I believe I did – the problem stems from human rights omissions at the United Nations (led to neoliberalism, and much worse hidden, and a divided society) and the answer is ethical human rights (leading to ethical development and ethical globalization) which is firmly based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and I consider should be adopted in domestic and international human rights law.

    It seems it was only possible for an outsider to find the truth and inform people. Also, in my view, it could only be a male although I think God could arrange the situation otherwise.I found the major discrimination was towards intelligent, white, males from a western culture.

    for your interest – my latest posts on social media:

    Eradicating Genius from the Face of the Earth and, in my personal view, also God’s involvement: my recent Tweet states: What it is really all about is ridding the country of its THINKERS hidden in the ranks of the deplorables – the left so-called liberals are following a UN agenda.

    At the UN international human rights law is meant to reflect the Universal Declaration of Human Rights so countries can adopt it into their domestic law. One of the omissions is Article 22 (UDHR) states: ‘Everyone as a members of society….is entitled to realization…of the economic, social and cultural rights indispensable for his dignity and free development of his personality’ (the latter is also called individual self-determination).

    As a consequence States invariably omit individual self-determination from their constitutions (see Google Constitute). Individual self-determination can be more simply described as the seeking of truth, hopes and dreams sometimes depicted by the iconic American superhero. Domestically the UN’s agenda is driven by the left so-called liberals. Countries may promote individual self-determination as policy but all else such as the focus on the Corporations and low consumer demand because of low wages ensures success is extremely limited. The American Small Business League describes how mega billions in contacts have been take from small business and given to big business.

    Affirmative action for groups such as Maori and Women was a way of excluding the ‘best and the brightest’ and my book shows an enormous number left the country while many of those who remained ended up in the mental health and criminal justice systems or among the underclass.

    I consider myself a genius but I attribute this to God’s involvement in my seeking of truth – otherwise I think I am quite ordinary (in my view, God’s Universal Truth is the greatest genius of all). I have been in the ranks of the deplorables for over 26 years. The problem with geniuses is that they are able to see through the low cunning and gross deceit of the left so-called liberals as well the leaderships of totalitarian and repressive States who, I consider, exercise the greatest control in the UN General Assembly (for more see Anthony Ravlich Google+).

    What I consider is the MADNESS of Global Leadership at the United Nations.In my view, the ‘Eradication of Genius from the Face of the Earth’ described in a recent post is an act of MADNESS. We are a LONELY PLANET so extremely unlikely to get help when needed from elsewhere in the universe – we can really only get help from withi

    I am circulating the following to academics:
    If South Korea and Japan also have nuclear weapons it would give North Korea and China more to worry about than America. Also if the West boycotted the UN until it removed its hidden collectivist agenda it would, in my view, rebalance global ideological and economic power back in the favor of the West and global freedom (see below).

    I wish to inform you of my book – ‘Ethical Human Rights-Freedom’s Great Hope’ (American Academic Press, 2017). I am a human rights author, activist and outsider (deplorable) (26 years) from Auckland, New Zealand. I am a seeker of human rights truth. I am also a Roosevelt fan. I consider students would benefit from my book which suits a Donald Trump/Bernie Sanders world where the ‘deplorables’ play a greater role in the public domain.

    Both my books describe ethical human rights. My first book was ‘Freedom from our social prisons: the rise of economic, social and cultural rights’ (Lexington Books, 2008). My recent book, ‘Ethical Human Rights: Freedom’s Great Hope’, can be found on American Academic Press,

    Ethical human rights received some remarkable high profile support on the internet, for example, the US State Dept., the Open Democracy Initiative of the White House even the United Nations and many others but the global mainstream media has refused to report it.

    I am very surprised at the seeming refusal of the global establishment to discuss ethical human rights which is firmly based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

    Ethical human rights involve domestic and global duties with the prime duty of the State to ensure their own population has their ethical human rights i.e. involves greater national sovereignty but does not lead to isolation.

    Given the trend towards populism in the West and the nuclear threat (and possible proliferation e.g. S. Korea and Japan), indicates the necessity for greater national sovereignty and universal truth to replace neoliberalism (a corrupted universal truth leading to division) and globalization.

    My book would also provide students with the prevailing global human rights big picture as vital human rights truths have been kept hidden from people yet need to be known if a democracy is to have informed voters. The book also describes in detail the human rights malpractice of the so-called liberal left whose control is, in my view, overwhelming.

    Compared to Western academics I was rare because I have exercised a duty to inform people of important human rights truths since I adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as my belief system in 1991. Personally, I see the UDHR as reflective of God’s Universal Truth.

    I am barely known in New Zealand because I have been kept extremely professionally isolated and often in terrible poverty however in my early years I received much support from Noam Chomsky (about 25 emails) and in New Zealand I have had significant support from Bryan Gould, regarded as one of New Zealand’s top intellectuals, and Kevin McCormack, Secretary New Zealand Council for Civil Liberties ( given much of my work was done in extreme isolation I do not believe I could have done it without God who, in my view, the so-called liberal left cannot control).

    Kevin McCormack states in response to this email: “I do hope that you receive a positive response to your e-mail, and that there are in fact numerous responses. It is a challenging and difficult road to journey when you are proclaiming a prophetic message, as it often seems to fall on barren ground. I am pleased to endorse your message…..”.

    The book has chapters on human rights at the United Nations (including America’s involvement), New Zealand and Bangladesh as well as a chapter on a new plan for the world, ethical human rights, development and globalization. The latter is firmly based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights unlike prevailing ideology which contains human rights omissions leading to a divided society.

    Although hidden behind a ‘global iron curtain’ I describe how on 10 Dec 2008 at the UN a new globally dominant ideology, which I call neoliberal absolutism, was created. The effects of neoliberal absolutism, which was strongly opposed by America, was devastating including a major global rebalance of ideological and economic power from the West to the Rest which I believe was the real cause of the global financial crisis in 2008. To my knowledge I am the only one informing people of the latter [however it is in my book and is verifiable].

    I also describe the existence of a UN ‘hidden’ collectivist agenda which created ideologies i.e. neoliberalism and neoliberal absolutism. Domestically the UN’s agenda is driven by the left so-called liberals. The collectivists agenda strongly favors totalitarian States, with repressive States rising to virtually control the UN’s human rights agenda, as well as strongly favoring collectives within the country.

    The collectivist agenda aims to culturally cleanse the world of individual self-determination i.e. the seeking of truth, hopes and dreams often depicted by the iconic American superhero.The West has been determined for decline. I recommend that the West boycott the UN until the collectivist agenda is removed. I consider the collectivist agenda involves major violations of the UDHR and the UN Charter. The major discrimination targets Intelligent, white, males from a Western culture.

    I describe in the chapter on Bangladesh how, under neoliberal absolutism, extending the domain of secularism to cover the whole Universal Declaration ultimately led to major outburst of violence by Islamic extremists who were anti-secular. More research is required to see if neoliberal absolutism led to greater Islamic violence globally.I also provide what I see as a solution whereby religious political parties including Islamic political parties could play a greater role in the public domain if they adopted ethical human rights as their ethical base.

    If you are interested in reading the draft introduction it is near the beginning of Anthony Ravlich Google+.

    thank you,

    Anthony Ravlich MA, BSc, Dip Crim (Hons)


    Human Rights Council (New Zealand)

    10D/15 City Rd.

    Auckland City.

    Ph: (0064) (09) 940.9658
  • Trev Rev
    commented 2017-09-24 14:58:56 +1300
    Hi Mr Morgan.Its not all bad.There’s options for you.

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