Over the TOP

This article below from Spinoff is accurate.

2017 was fun for me politically testing the policy excellence I developed with various teams over a series of research projects during the decade leading up to the 2017 election. But, it was always a postscript to the serious and satisfying effort of doing that research, a testing of the waters if you like, to see whether such rational work could find an adequate political constituency.

The public was either going to agree that policy best practice was something worth having, or it was going to say “nah, we’re happy with the status quo thanks very much – besides policy doesn’t matter to us really”

And as the 20% of voters who switched within a week of Labour changing leader but not policy, evidenced – policy is of distant relevance only.

Selling transformative policy even though it’s evidence-based and best practice is no easy task. They say politics is the art of compromise which is why successful politicians sell snakeoil – compromised policy that is almost always inadequate failing to achieve economic and social progress. Good luck to those clinging on in TOP with that agenda, for me I’m now satisfied that making money is so much easier and I’m look forward to doing that again.